The CentriFit%u2122 is the world%u2019s only patented centripetal force-driven exercise device.

Incredibly easy to use, the CentrfFit%u2122 can make any body better, better bodies good, and good bodies great. As a solid, simple, gimmick-free fitness device, all the benefits of an accessible exercise program exist within a single workout: strength, flexibility, balance, endurance%u2014health.

This %u201Cold school%u201D fitness tool creates resistance through centripetal force. Or, to put it plainly, by swinging weight in a circle. The weight, intensity, and duration are up to you: change the size or amount of water bottles (for weight); add revolutions (for duration); increase the speed of your swing (for intensity). Simple. Effective.

The nature of this orbital motion engages a majority of the muscular, balance, and cardiovascular resources of the body. As a result, the CentriFit%u2122 also fills important roles in injury rehabilitation, conditioning, warm-ups, grip strength, variety, and coordination for any fitness level%u2014from absolute beginner to elite professional.

For more information contact us at 619-663-7393.

December 2, 2015 UPDATE: We are pleased to announce we will be adding to the CentriFit family of products with an added product that was recently featured on All-American Makers. Official announcement and details coming by Christmas.

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