19 Unbelievable Weather Phenomena

Here are 19 strange and unreal looking natural phenomena that actually happen from crazy fire rainbows to mysterious rain bombs!

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11. Fire Whirls
Fire twister, fire devil, fire tornado, and firenado are all names given to what we all commonly know as a fire whirl. These bad boys can form when there are turbulent winds and rising heat combine but it%u2019s most common that they%u2019ll form when there%u2019s a forest fire. Fire whirls are made up of well, fire but they can also include ash and combustible gasses. The fire%u2019s core temperature can reach up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and reignite ash that gets pulled into it.

10. Pyrocumulus Clouds
Another heat related event, pyrocumulus clouds are made from the fast and intense heating of an area that creates convection, thus resulting in a cumulous cloud. Volcanoes, forest fires, and even nuclear explosions are all major causes of pyrocumulus clouds.

9. Sun Pillars
Sun Pillars happen when the light from the setting sun reflects off of icy clouds that are high up in the sky at different layers. The end result creates a pillar of light that stretches way up into the sky. Sun pillars aren%u2019t just a thing, but also moon pillars can sometimes be seen.

8. Diamond Dust
Very closely related to halos, diamond dust is just a fog that is entirely made up of ice crystals. Simple as that.

7. Non-aqueous Rain
This type of weather phenomenon is rare but nonetheless real. Cases range from fish raining down on unsuspecting pedestrians to weird white goo falling on local towns. In one instance, there was even a reported case of blood rain! That doesn%u2019t compare to the dozens of spiders that recorded falling from the sky in Brazil. Meteorologists don%u2019t have an exact clue of what causes these strange rains but rest assured, strong winds could play a part.

6. Virga
Virga is an observable streak of precipitation that falls from clouds in the sky. The precipitation or ice crystals end up melting before they even reach the ground. This gives the clouds a trail that makes them like similar to that of jellyfish. And now you know what a virga is, you%u2019re welcome.

5. A Fire Rainbow
Ironically, the term %u201Cfire rainbow%u201D that%u2019s used to describe this incredibly rare optical phenomenon has nothing to do with fire nor a rainbow. The correct name for this occurrence is called a circumhorizontal arc. Instead of fire, it%u2019s really ice crystals that refract the sun%u2019s light in order to produce the wondrous spectrum of color that you see, very similar to that of ice halos. These ice crystal must be present in a high enough amount in high-altitude cirrus clouds.

4. A Green Ray
Also referred to as the %u201CGreen Flash%u201D, this occurrence happens to be quite brief as it takes place right before the sun sets and just after it rises. Under the right conditions, there appears to be a green spot that floats right on the horizon that is due to the refraction of light in the atmosphere. The green flash is actually one of the several different types of optical phenomena that occur. Even rarer than the green flash is the blue flash that has yet to be fully explained.

3. A Ball Lightning
This rare unexplained electrical phenomenon involves a ball-shaped lightning that is able to move much slower than normal lightning, instead of the split-second flash we all know. Some reports of ball lightning claim that it can be as large as up to eight feet in diameter that is able of producing an extensive amount damage. There%u2019s also stories of these balls of lighting exploding and causing fatalities while leaving the smell of sulfur behind. Some reports even claim these can destroy entire buildings.

2. A Rain Bomb
The term %u201Crain bomb%u201D is used to describe what%u2019s known as a wet microburst. For those of you that aren%u2019t familiar, a wet microburst is when cooled air drops to the ground and pulls down water droplets with a colossal amount of force. This force is enough to break fully formed trees thanks to winds that reach up to 150 miles per hour and cause massive amounts of damage to nearby buildings that are unlucky enough to be in its path. There shouldn%u2019t be any cause for concern as this weather phenomenon is extremely rare.

1. Sprites, Jets, and Elves
These are all natural phenomena that take place way up high in the earth%u2019s upper atmosphere near thunderstorms. The proper term that is used to describe them is transient luminous event or TLE that distinguishes them from the lighting that happens in the troposphere. These events can materialize as glows, cones, and discharges. They%u2019re still relatively new as they were only discovered in the last century because of where they%u2019re located and their lifespan that is less than a second.

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