Why people don’t talk about Aliens?
The FBI is not the only document, which was accessible to the general public.
If we go back in history and look at the materials of one of the most successful NASA space programs, we find many clues that indicate that the astronauts Apollo missions pursued a UFO and that on the surface of the moon is "alien" structure.
The following are some deciphering conversations Apollo mission members (in English), and they contain exciting moments such observations.

Strange glowing UFOs are regularly seen in the area of Hess Dalen Valley, Norway, that perhaps indicates the location of a secret alien base here. The light, which often sees people here, most of bright, white or yellow. He has an unknown origin and hovers above a certain level above the ground. Sometimes the light can be observed for more than one hour. There are also several other types of unexplained lights, which are often observed in the Hess Dalen valley. These lights had even studied the astronomer and urologist J. Allen Hynek in 1885.

Fancy lights were first recorded around Hess Dalen in the 1840s, and perhaps even earlier there was an invasion of alien. Especially the high activity of the lights in the area took place from February 1881 to the summer of 1884, when the lights were observed between 15 and 19 times a week. The frequency of these events attracts tourists from all over the world in large numbers, which stop here for the night to see this phenomenon. Since then, activity has declined and now the lights can be seen about 10 - 19 times a year.

One of the recent hypothesis suggests that the lights are formed by clusters of macroscopic crystals in the plasma produced by the ionization of air and dust alpha particles during the decay of radon in a dusty atmosphere. Several physical properties (oscillations, the regular structure, and the light spectrum) observed at the phenomena in Hess Dalen of Area 51 with Alien, can be explained by a model of dusty plasmas. Radon decay produces alpha particles and radioactive elements such as polonium.

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