Best Professions of the Future
Identifies threats to information security and risks of the data loss, develops and, implements measures to counter the threats and solutions to protect against information loss; ensures the safety and confidentiality of data; participates in development and implementation of IT solutions

Mobile phones, computers, cars, and for some time even household appliances connect themselves and their owner with a huge amount of data. Gigantic proportions have reached information systems in business, trade and finance, as evidenced by the current cryptocurrency boom.

All this has led to the formation of new values ​​created or transmitted in cyberspace. Along with this, there was a threat of theft of these values, their damage or substitution. Cyber ​​security specialist  are required to counter cybercriminals with the ability to protect information, anticipate the actions of criminals, and create a secure architecture for using data.

Cybersecurity experts work in large financial and IT companies, the value of such personnel is noted in government bodies, defense departments, where their main task is to ensure national security and prevent the introduction of public infrastructure.

The need for such specialists is especially evident now, due to the growing number of cybercrimes and cases of cyberterrorism. Hacker attacks are recorded in all corners of the world. Among most resonant, it is worth mentioning the spread of the WannaCry, Petya / NotPetya viruses, which caused significant damage to banking systems and large companies in different countries.

Profession Drivers
informatization of the most areas of human activity an increase in the number of cybercrimes, emergence of threats in the information space precedents for cybercriminals intervening in national security interests of different countries the blockchain technology development, cryptocurrency market formation

What tasks will the specialist solve?
Fight against cybercrime in all its manifestations, including cyber terrorism and extortion
development of preventive methods to combat malware, protection of private information and intellectual property
ensuring the stability of the work of socially important information systems, preventing situations of collapse of the banking system
protection and prevention of external interference in infrastructure, including power grids
search for potential vulnerabilities in existing systems, their elimination

What knowledge and skills will he have
high level of programming skills
attentiveness and accuracy when working with code, the ability to find hidden and unobvious sources of infection
combination of programming skills with knowledge of the physical properties of technical devices
analytical skills, ability to calculate the consequences of certain changes
the ability to quickly assess threats and their sources
ability to work with large data arrays
Understanding of the principles of conducting cyber attacks, knowledge of possible ways to protect against them

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