Finding Good Brain Tumor Surgery Clinics in India
The brain is the one of the most vital organs of the human body, because it ensures that each and every other organ of our body functions properly and smoothly. The brain controls the function of every other organ and even each individual cell by sending an array of electrical and chemical impulses which travel throughout the body via nerve fibres and help in maintaining a healthy environment inside the body. Hence, the wellbeing and health of the brain should never be neglected because injuries and diseases in the brain could mean losing the functionality of other vital organs as well, which may ultimately lead to death of the patient.

The most harmful ailment that can occur to the brain is a brain tumor. A brain tumor is the manifestation of abnormal cells inside the brain, and they may be mainly of two types, benign or non-cancerous brain tumor and malignant or cancerous brain tumor. Malignant or cancerous brain tumors may again be of two types, primary brain tumors, which start forming inside the brain itself, and secondary brain tumors, which are cancer cells which have spread to the brain from other parts of the body.

Extensive research has failed to point out a definite cause for such brain tumors, but several risk factors have been identified like prolonged exposure to ionizing radiation or harmful chemicals like vinyl chloride, infection by the Epstein-Barr virus and also an inherited form of neurofibromatosis. The major symptoms of any types of brain tumors include headaches, seizures, vomiting, unconsciousness, and loss of brain functions like talking, walking, usage of limbs and other such motor functions, depending on which part of the brain has been affected by the tumor.

Brain tumor surgery in India has become a very advanced field in the recent years, due to the development and implementation of relatively affordable treatment procedures and techniques. The primary types of surgical procedures used to treat brain tumors are:

1) Craniotomy Surgery: Craniotomy is a type of surgical procedure where the brain is accessed by drilling out a hole in the skull or removing a flap of bone in the skull to expose the brain tissue. In tumor surgery, this is called open brain surgery and may be used to examine and remove any infected brain cells to reduce the risk of spreading of the tumor to the rest of the brain.

2) Gamma Knife Treatment: This is an advanced, non-invasive form of brain surgery which uses advanced equipments and techniques to treat a tumor directly. This method is also called stereotactic radiosurgery and it is a form of radiotherapy where tiny beams of radioactive rays are focussed on the tumor to treat it with high precision, leaving the surrounding healthy tissue without any radiation.

3) Cyberknife Treatment: Cyberknife is also a highly advanced non-invasive surgical procedure with is an effective alternative to radiotherapy. It used highly specialised and specific equipment to directly treat malignant tumors without any need for radiation or invasive surgical procedures.

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