The 10 most extreme and exquisite beauty treatments
Persistence with beauty leads to strange experiences. Searching for the ideal solution to turn back time is the thing for women and the beauty industry is trying to satisfy that desire.

You can spend your holidays in Indonesia, which is considered by a lot of people as the ultimate destination when you want to take care of you and give yourself a great present. Bali, which is the heart of the country, is not only about crystal clear waters and snorkeling. You can also be treated as a king, while staying at one of the best 5 stars hotels in Bali. Take a look at the list of very unique efforts to achieve and maintain beauty.

Facial treatment with 24 carat gold
Gold therapy at a cost of more than 500 euros improves skin elasticity and restores the skin from the damage caused by sunbathing while giving a bright golden glow to the skin. During the treatment, 24 carat gold leaves are spread on the face and then a special light passes through the face to activate the cells.

Birds’ feces on the face
The beauty of the bird jelly comes from Japan when the geese used bird droppings to repair the damage caused to their skin by the high lead content of their makeup. According to the Japanese, the skin with this mask becomes brighter and looks more refreshed.

Feces become powder to mix rice bran, which acts as exfoliating, and then apply the mask to the face. The paste is rich in nitrogen and guanine, an amino acid that helps the skin and lightens the skin. The treatment of feces obviously removes any unpleasant odor, with rice bran giving a slightly musky odor.

Carbon dioxide under the skin
This treatment is based on the injection of carbon dioxide under the skin to dissolve fat, combined with lasers to destroy adipocytes. Although the injections do not hurt, it is obviously very disturbing to say the air passage under the skin. However, the procedure implies losses of up to eight centimeters in three weeks after treatment.

Snake poison instead of Botox
This treatment is based on the use of snake venom that has similar effects to Botox. The use of these cosmetics promises relaxation and inhibition of contractions of the facial muscles, which acquires an expression of mild surprise. The treatment with snake venom has been attempted by Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna.

Body Bone Shifting
This technique was developed in Japan, where it remains more popular. It includes intensive massage that "shifts" the bones to be closer together, so the body becomes finer. However, this has not been confirmed by any scientific research.

Snails on the face
The action of snail mucus is recognized even by the most skeptical scientists. The most extreme version of this treatment is made by letting live snails, under the supervision of an aesthetic, across the face.

Doctor Fish Pedicure
The pedicure with the help of the fish-doctor has been overtaken. In some countries it has been banned due to hygiene issues that have arisen, and there are some beauty institutes that still use Garra Rufa fish, originating in Turkey. These fish are fed with the skin cells and that's why they make good peeling.

Vampire diaries
The method became widely known when used by Kim Kardassian. It is one of the most extreme beauty treatments that can be subjected without surgery. The procedure is supposed to be able to restore youthful skin color. Essentially blood is taken by the person concerned in an amount equal to two teaspoons and then injected into the face with small injections in order to activate the growth factors contained in the blood and to increase collagen. The results of the method last up to two years.

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