Cravings during pregnancy is completely safe
Pregnancy is hailed as a beautiful experience by magazines and lifestyle journals but once you're pregnant you realise that this experience that is so talked about is not remotely beautiful (except for maybe the glow on your face). You are perpetually bloated, tired and in pain, not to mention the constant pressure on your bladder.

Growing another human being inside your body is not easy and one of the main things associated with it are the constant cravings. The cravings fall into 4 general categories varying in intensity. It can be either sweet, sour, spicy or salty. It's often said that pregnant women love eating pickles and people out there always associate pregnancy with an unhealthy obsession with sour things.

Well sorry to break your bubble but pregnant women don't have just have an unhealthy obsession with sour food items. They have cravings for anything and everything. Some women found out that the food items they hated when they weren't pregnant, are the same food items they now desperately want with a baby inside them.

Why do women have such cravings?

1. Scientists haven't found out a valid reason for these cravings. The cravings cannot be simply blamed on hormones because fluctuating hormones rarely have a role to play in the intensity of how much you crave a particular food item.
2. Similarly saying that a woman’s nutritional needs makes her crave coffee and chocolate while pregnant is just another farfetched theory because if her body was craving nutrition then she would have had an urge to eat leafy green vegetables.
3. Even though fluctuating hormones don't have a direct role to play in this process, it has been found out that hormone levels can change the way a woman smells and tastes things. If a woman who is 3 months pregnant is craving chocolate, a few helpings of chocolate cake batter will feel like heaven to her. Therefore these hormones can affect the sense of smell and taste and can make a pregnant woman either crave something in large amounts or create a complete aversion for a few food items.

Are these cravings harmful?

It's true that most of these cravings seem very odd. You don't see normal people opening the fridge everyday searching for ice cream and cake, however when you see pregnant women do the same thing, know this- it's completely normal and acceptable. Unless a doctor specifically states that a certain food item should not be consumed, eating anything and everything under the sun is just fine.

When a person who loves to lead a fit and healthy life becomes pregnant, she can use this opportunity as an excuse to compensate for all the cheat meals she avoided her whole life and drink and eat all the coffee and chocolate during pregnancy.

To be very honest, you might gain a few extra kilograms if you eat your heart out these nine months, but honestly nothing is better than eating your favourite food items with a heightened sense of taste and smell. The satisfaction you get from eating during this period is something that a non-pregnant brain will not quite understand.

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