Big or small moving companies - what should you choose
When you traveling across the country the choice of national companies seems to be the most convenient. The big companies are able to provide the best service at an appropriate price. But the local best small moving companies have been started to offer the long distance moving too.

How to make the right choice?
Corporate Moving Company

The most useful abilities of the big moving companies are:
  • a large park of the big trucks  and variety of a smaller vehicles;
  • reliable insurance;
  • packing and unpacking service;
  • twenty-four-hour customer service;
  • they abide by FMCSA.

These factors are very useful for big and oversized moves.

Small Moving Company

The small move company is owned and managed by the local business. It does not offer the wide range of services as a big corporation does. Also, it offers less availability because of the smaller range of moving vehicles. But it often offers the packing and unpacking services. Most of small moving companies are hold the insurance and abide by FMCSA.

National vs Local Company: what you should choose?

You have to consider the specifics of your move before you will make a choice.

Step One: distance and complication of your move
You should realize that local moving ending after 50 miles. All which are longer than 50 moles considered as long distance moving.

Here the checklist you should answer before making the decision:
  • is your move longer than 50 miles?
  • does it cross the state border? 
  • is it complicated?
  • Is it consists of high-value items which need special packing conditions?

If the answer is "Yes" for most points of this checklist the hiring national mover may be the best choice because of the company’s expertise with similar moves.

Before making the final decision it will be better to learn some long distance moving company reviews. Maybe you will find the useful information there.

Otherwise, you should thoroughly investigate the local moving companies.
Check the local moving companies reviews considering the difference between 50 miles local moves and 50 miles local moves with state border crossing.

For example, the small moving companies of the NYC will be the best choice for moving over New-York city and region than for the New-Jersey traveling.

Step Two: your budget
Commonly,  but not always, the budget for the national mover's offers will be bigger than a local company. It depends on the charging model. For a long distance move, your payment will be based on a weight of your stuff. The local move costs will be calculated based on the distance and amount of time for your move. Never the less, you should carefully exam each of estimations and does not merely pick the cheapest.

Step Three: insurance.
The amount of insurance can be a real headache. You should consider that the national movers are governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). In case you hire one of them the amount of insurance can be significant. From the other side, a local company can offer a price lower because of shorter distance and less chance for breakage and other damage to your goods. Thus, you may not need to pay additional costs for better insurance.
Step Four: customer service.
For better reputation, the local moving companies can be more friendly to resolve disputes even though they operate on a smaller budget. Similarly, the big corporation may actually be more difficult to contact.

The choice is not easy anyway. There is a lot of online tools to make it easier. One of the best of them is the QQ moving service In a minute you are able to get the estimated moving costs. And a few days after, you will get the business offers from the selected big an small local companies. All of them are certified and have a big experience in various kinds of moving.

Your main choice is between wasting time offline or get the information as soon as possible online. Do not waste your time, let the service come to you than desperately search for it on your own.

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