Make Your Days Count

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Instead of counting your days, make your days count. Every day we have the opportunity to be happy, make a difference, and live life to the fullest. However, it's up to us to make a choice on how to make each day count.
First, we need to be grateful with what we have. By being thankful, we acknowledge all the good things n our life. When we are grateful, we take away our focus from our negative emotions, fears and daily irritations to thinking and feeling. Sharing gratitude and appreciation with others is also a way to develop and enjoy meaningful and lasting relationships. We can think about what can be done instead of dwelling on the "what ifs." A positive outlook can truly determine life's success or failure, happiness or despair.
Second, we can make each day count by helping other people and making them feel better. We can show out emphatic understanding simply by offering our willingness to listen to what others feel. These simple acts of kindness add meaning to our lives as well as to our physical and psychological well-being.
Third is doing the things we love. When we are passionate and engaged in the activities we want to do, we become alive, and we can also inspire others to do the same. But what's important is making time to enjoy those things is what makes life more joyful and fulfilling. if we have a day where we spend a lot of time doing something we love, we can do something that's important, and we can have control over our own thoughts and emotions and on how we react to everything that's going on. A the end of the day, we will realize that we really made it count.
Fourth, we can also live each day with a keep us moving forward in life and engaging our very souls with passion. Passion is very important in living a gratifying and satisfying life. We can make this world a better place to live by instilling in the minds of the younger generation the importance of peace and harmony in the community.
Finally, we need not to be afraid of what lies ahead in the future. We should never let fear limit out vision. It's important to acknowledge fear, feel it and discover where it comes from and move on. Never let FEAR immobilize our dreams and stand in our way.
Being able to live and savor each minute of each day by not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future which can help make imperative personal connections.
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