Simulation of Transient Temperature Distribution across Human Skin Tissue

This simulation is performed on a numerical solver that was developed at Mechartés and it takes into account the environment properties like temperature, humidity, wind velocity and solar radiation apart from biological parameters of the human body like blood perfusion rate, metabolic heat generation rate, thermal properties of various skin tissues etc.
What you see here is the thermal regulation initiated by human body across an 8 mm thick skin tissue when the temperature at a point in tissue is elevated to a mildly higher temperature. The Skin Tissue that is simulated consists of layers with different thermal properties of skin tissues like epidermis, dermis and sub-cutaneous layers.
This solver has been validated and can also be used in wide array of applications like studying the severity of fire hazard on human skin to evaluating the thermal response to the human body in an air conditioned environment or any other harsh or severe environment.
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