A great way to travel in Asia

Asia is huge and it is difficult to know where to stay when visiting this great continent. A great way to have a great vacation is to stay at a resort.

Resorts are great because they provide so much for your money. You not only get accommodation but you also get many other services. In places like Thailand, resorts will give you the option to dive and PADI classes. Along with that, you'll also find great pools, beaches, restaurants, and possibly golf. Thailand also has some great spas associated with its resorts and you will also find excellent service with a smile here.

In India, the best place to visit a resort is Goa. It is a popular destination for a great beach vacation with many resorts to choose from. Goa is an island surrounded by beaches. You'll also find great spas here.

Bali is also a great place for a beach vacation and has many great resorts. Some of the best coral reefs in the world are around Indonesia. Keep in mind that you may not be able to swim year-round here, so if that's something you'd like to do, be sure to note when there might be marine stingers (like jellyfish). Like other resorts around the world, most will offer a fantastic pool for lounging and swimming. Bali is also known for its excellent spa services. If you're looking for a great spa vacation that doesn't cost too much, this may be an area worth visiting.

China is not known for its resorts, but it does have some on offer. The most popular place for a beach vacation is Hainan. China is a unique place to visit and if you are looking for a vacation that involves a little more exploration, this may be a little more for you.

There are many places to choose from if you want to travel around Asia and stay stylish in a resort. Be sure to check out what previous guests have said about it. Reviews are very important and a great way to assess how good a resort is. Don't limit yourself to grading as some people get angry about things that others don't. For example, someone might get mad that they weren't greeted with champagne and rate it so rate it 2/5. This may not be important to you, or it may be. Either way, you're sure to have a great vacation if you just spend a little time and effort beforehand.

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