How to Write a Reflective Essay

By describing the experience, the writer explores ideas, opinions and even feelings evoked in the experience and how they contributed to shaping and molding their personality and character.
In reflective writing, the author has the freedom to:
  • Make analyses and subsequently draw conclusions from their past experiences
  • Consider the lessons learned from the experience and how the newly acquired knowledge will be used in bettering the writer's life
  • Writing the whole essay subjectively and from their point of view while identifying the areas that need more explication for the easier comprehension of the audience
In a student's academic career, they are once in a while required to write a reflective essay. This opportunity allows them to share an experience. Reflection writing is a personal and subjective process; however, the reflective essays should maintain a tone of formality and a structure that is well-organized throughout the essay.
If the writer is required to write a reflective essay on a given text, they should annotate the emotions evoked initially and the thoughts that they get when they read the essay themselves. If the writer is asked to write about an event in their life, it is recommended to start by creating a chart with three columns: the past events and experiences column, the description of the experience, and a column for reflecting on the past experiences. This table is essentially, for helping the writer to effectively brainstorm the most suitable events for the essay, and the aptest structure for the reflective writing.
The fact that writing does not come naturally to most of us is irrefutable. Even with guidelines and pointers for coming up with an excellent essay, some students still face difficulties to achieve a cogently written essay. These students could be either international students with very minimal proficiency in a given language or students on work-study programs thus leaving them with very little time for their academic work. Such students often resolve to have their academic work handled by professional custom essay writing services. By typing a simple statement such as, "reflective essay help with Ozessay," in their search bar, they would access an online essay writing platform that would help them with their reflective essay writing needs.
That being said, with an organized structure, personal reflective essays are possible to accomplish. Unlike most other academic writing papers, personal reflective essays do not need research or statistical facts to write. The whole essays are focused on the writer and the event that they choose to reflect on. With this information, a writer needs only an ordered and appropriate format to come up with an incredible reflective essay.
The outline of a personal reflective essay differs by a considerable margin from that of the typical types of essays such as research essays or argumentative papers. A personal reflective essay is instead a well organized and structured story or entries of a diary.
The essay's conclusion should wrap up the ideas presented in the body and demonstrate the development that the ideas took throughout the essay. The end could as well hold a few newly evoked feelings and other newfound discoveries. Lastly and most importantly, the conclusion of the reflective essay should present the writer's plans.

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