Cryptocup game brings all the excitement of the 2018 fifa world cup to the blockchain

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The Cryptocup game, which is based on the prediction of results of games of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, to be held in Russia from June 14 to July 15, is already available on the Ethereum's Ropsten test network. of the current year. er the ERC-721 protocol, ideal for this type of purpose since the token cannot be divided into smaller portions, unlike those that follow the ERC-20 protocol. For now, the game has been launched in the Ethereum test network known as Ropsten and is launched on the main network on May 10 this year. Cryptocup is the first game of predictions based on the FIFA World Cup 2018 which runs through intelligent contracts (smart contracts) in the blockchain.
Each token is customizable and unique since it contains the user's choices. Players earn points when they compare their predictions with real results and those with more points are rewarded with prizes according to an intelligent contract.
Game development
The players will make their predictions about the results of each of the 64 matches that will be
The game uses non-fungible tokens und played during this edition of the World Cup. Predictions will be issued in an ERC-721 token, the so-called Token Cryptocup. The same non-fungible token technology used with the Cryptokitties, collectible kittens that broke popularity records in Ethereum's network, was used to the point where they almost made it collapse.
Every single token will by itself earn the points just according to the matter of coincidence in between the real results and the predictions; this is actually a task which is otherwise known as the intelligent contract that rules the game! Just according to the posotuon that the player may have at the end of the FIFA tournament in the Cryptocup ranking, the eth will then be mounting up!
Another innovative feature of Cryptocup is that during the World Cup, players can exchange (buy or sell) their prediction tokens with other users in a secondary market. Some players will be able to set the price of their Cryptocup token and sell it before the end of the tournament, while others may be interested in speculating on future rewards. As previously mentioned, for now, the game is only available in the Ethereum test network, so there are no real rewards; but it allows interested people to get acquainted with Cryptocup.

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