The Coming Apocalypse

To date many of our leaders can't comprehend how really close mankind is to that apocalyptic event that will send humanity back into the caves of the Neanderthals. We'd hate to think that in the aftermath those that are still around the remorse that is showed is that we had our chance but we failed to act.
Today, the harsh reality of the coming Apocalypse really hasn't hit home. The Pandemic of 2020 has triggered spontaneous repercussions like dominoes falling at breakneck speed sending chain reactions around the world triggering one disaster after another. At this point in time there has been little or no effort put in play to combat the growing disasters that will explode right before our eyes. Our only concern has been of late is slowing the spread of this Pandemic and securing the reboot of our economy.
We have yet to become fully aware of the devastating after shocks of what this Pandemic is causing. There has been no effort to put in place contingency measures on an international scale to thwart mega catastrophes that are now forming around the world. Today, the United States has failed to take a leadership role in efforts to initiate a global response to the coming disasters that are forthcoming. As in the past most of the leadership that we have are more concerned about financial losses and gain rather than taking a good hard look at what lies around the next corner. Heads are embedded in the sand and have continued to operate in a one dimensional thinking that has put the entire planet on a trajectory toward disaster.
If Trump wins reelection or Biden gets into the White House both of them don't have the where-with-all to realize and recognize that there are concrete solutions that must be implemented now not latter to thwart what will surely be a catastrophe of Biblical proportions. During the 1930's and during World war II the United States had the leadership that displayed multi level dimensional thinking. They recognized and implemented those solutions that took the US out of the Great Depression and won the War. It is too bad that today with the leadership we have and will have don't have the capabilities to realize what is needed to secure the future not only for the US but for the world.
When the world is faced with global crisis's there has to be an international response to combat that crisis and any other crisis that is spun off the original crisis like this Pandemic the world is facing now. The aftershocks that are reverberating all around the world requires a unified global effort to thwart the pending catastrophes that will hit every country if we fail to act now. So far there has been no international cooperation only each country has taken their own responsibility to cope with what is truly an international and global disaster.
When we look toward finding solutions the countries of Africa and South America are always overlooked. Our main focus has always been Europe, Asia, and Japan. But, the coming Apocalypse can be avoided only if there is a complete assessment of the dangers that awaits not only us but the countries in South America and Africa. Getting these countries involved has been completely overlooked as potential factors in the race against time. Time the world does not have.
With the clock running we are in a race against time. The coming Apocalypse is fact approaching and the world has to act now. If we fail to act as a global community there will be no future for so many. We have to realize that the countries of Africa and those in South America hold the key in avoiding the onset of a world wide Famine Pandemic. That is way we and the rest of the Industrialized nations have to band together in involving African and South American nations in a multi national effort to stave off what will surely be the coming Apocalypse before it really is to late.
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