Should you get a job at a social media agency?

Digital marketing is currently one of the most exciting and dynamic industries to work for, but is it made of the right material to work for in a social media agency? In this article we will discuss some of the main traits that make up a successful social marketer.

Customer service

Twitter and Facebook are very much based on customer service, as it is a very public role. As a social media executive, you will be in contact with hundreds, if not thousands, of fans or followers per day. As a result, many successful executives who get a job at a social media agency come from customer service. This could include people who took their first jobs in supermarkets, had call center functions, or worked in customer service in retail. Being able to empathize with and connect with other people is key, so extroverts often succeed in social media roles where customer service is key.

A public relations fund

Public relations is another industry that generates a large number of effective digital sellers. This is because the two roles overlap a lot. As a public relations executive, you must be able to create stories and headlines from a variety of topics, maintain customer integrity, and effectively manage your reputation. The same is true at a social media agency. An important part of managing Facebook or Twitter is creating thoughtful and engaging status updates for the customer's brand.

If you're a public relations executive or public relations assistant right now, making the jump to social media is relatively small. Essentially, these are very similar methods using different tools, which is why some of the best social marketing specialists have developed their public relations skills.


Journalists are also excellent specialists in digital marketing. One of the leading social media agencies relies heavily on high-quality content that reads well and offers value to its customers' fans. This content includes not only quick status updates, but also longer articles and blogs on behalf of the customer. This content should be informative, engaging, and effective in turning a soft wire into a hard wire or, in other words, a fan or follower into a wire.
If you have good writing skills or are currently a journalist, it would be ideal for the content creation side of online marketing and day-to-day social updates.

Analytical Background

The final piece of the puzzle in becoming a successful marketer for a social media agency is having an analytical side. Knowing what works and what is not crucial in any role of social networks, so to be successful you must be able to analyze and reflect on the strategy and make the appropriate adjustments so that the campaign continues successfully.

How to target a specific audience on social

As a result, people with school science backgrounds or SEO executives are excellent online marketing specialists. Often these are best for leading a social strategy due to their ability to decipher detailed page analysis and track successes down to individual status updates.

The other reason analysts are great digital marketing specialists are the increasingly complex tools being used to measure ROI on social media. Social media must now be integrated into a broader strategy that includes SEO and PPC. This means that the ideal social media team can be made up of a group of people from a variety of these discussed backgrounds, and each can specialize in a different area of ​​the campaign thanks to their specific skill set.

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