Ideas and tips for your wedding reception

Wedding receptions are never easy to plan, and couples often get stressed simply by going over the details of everything they will need and what it will cost them to get it all. When it comes to a wedding, getting engaged is the last thing someone wants to do, it's usually a stressful struggle to get the best of everything and manage everything on a budget.

One way to save costs to manage this is to rent wherever you can. Whether it's chairs, plants, or accessories, rent them where you have a choice. It is highly unlikely that you will ever use the accessories again, so there is no point in buying them. If you have someone in the family who actually bought the accessories and decor for their wedding props for hire and may still have it lying around, ask them to let you use it. You can cover anything with fabric and flowers and make it work for your theme. It will save you what you have spent on renting them.

Make your centerpieces something special, like fruit bouquets or fruit arrangements that can be eaten later. If you have a summer wedding, search summer deals at different stores and websites and find many discounted things for your wedding arrangements and decorations.

Finding a place that allows you to serve your own drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, will save you a ton of money. If you hire a provider, make sure the service team is included or you will end up renting it.

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