Electronic Medical Records - Do They Help You?

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There was a big push to go with electronic medical records. Our government placed deadlines on doctors and hospitals as to when this must be in place. They even offered incentive money to get this done. It all sounded good, doctors and hospitals would be able to see your medical records, with this information they would be able to treat your condition better.
Well like most things that the government forces upon us, no matter how well intentioned, it was not thought out very well. I will use myself as an example, over the past few years I have gone to a few doctors and to some hospitals for different tests. During the check in or check out process I was asked if I want to get login information to view my records. On all occasions I said yes. I then logged in, created an account and sure enough my records for that visit were there. One thing that I did notice, the medical record history was not correct, it needed to get corrected and cleaned up.
The problem is that it seemed that every doctor and hospital had different medical software. So I have about three or four different logins to different medical portals. Yes, I was able to see my information from that particular medical provider, but NO they were not connected. So if I logged into doctor A I could see those records, but I could see no records from doctor B.
So the failure, as it now stands, is the ability of the different medical software's to communicate with each other. While most medical providers are using electronic medical records it appears that nothing much has changed, except the change from paper to electronic records. Going to electronic records could be the beginning of a good thing. It would facilitate integrating all of the different medical software latter. The government should go back and set a date that all medical software should be integrated, then back off and let business take care of it.
I recently got labs done before a doctor's appointment, I went online and looked at the results. When I went to see me doctor I was better able to ask questions. This is the way medical care should be, a collaboration between you and your medical provider. So there are many good things about electronic medical records it just needs to be fully integrated to work properly.
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