Why Can Cigarettes Cause Impotence? This Is The Reason!

Cigarettes have various bad effects on health, one of which is impotence. 
In cigarette packaging, there is a warning illustration that one of the bad effects of smoking is impotence or the inability to have a perfect erection. Although impotence is a frightening specter for adult men, many people are still confused about how smoking causes impotence.

The reason is, so far, consumption has always been synonymous with activities that can damage the lungs. This is because smoke and substances that contain toxins will enter the respiratory organs.

Blood Vessels Disorders to Impotence

Carcinogens are substances that damage genes in the body. If these substances accumulate in the body, they can cause cancer and other chronic diseases.

When smoking a cigarette, a large amount of poison will enter the blood vessels, not only into the lungs. Blood vessels circulate blood throughout the body, including if the blood vessels are disturbed by nicotine, blood flow to the penis. Vilitra 20 and Vidalista 60 to improve ED.

If the blood flow to the penis is not smooth due to blood vessel disorders, how can a man get an erection maximally? It will be difficult, smoking can increase the risk of heart disease. You could say heart disease can have an impact on the function of other organs because the heart is related to blood circulation.

If your blood circulation is impaired, your overall health will also be badly affected. The risk will be even worse if you are "old" and have a history of chronic disease.

It should also be noted that the more often you smoke, the more nicotine will enter your bloodstream. If you are smoking more than 20 cigarettes per day, then you have a 39% higher risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Besides Cigarettes, Are There Other Factors That Can Trigger Impotence?

Cigarettes can indeed cause impotence.

Endocrine Diseases
The body's endocrine system produces hormones that regulate metabolism, physical function, reproduction, mood, and more. Diabetes is an example of an endocrine disease that most often causes impotence.
This is the cause of reduced 'sensation' in the penis. In addition, other complications that can trigger impotence are disruption of hormone levels and disruption of blood flow.

Heavy Stress
Emotional disturbances will have an impact on physical activity ability. Depression and anxiety are often associated with a risk of impotence. Ironically, you may be able to have a full erection while masturbating or sleeping. Meanwhile, when having with a partner, you Cenforce 150 and Fildena 150 maintain an erection.

The best food for breaking the fast
Instead of smoking, you better break your fast with an intake proven to be healthier for the body. The most common menus are fruit, juice, milk, dates, and water. People believe that Prophet Muhammad ate three dates when breaking his fast.

In addition, when fasting, your body does not get enough energy and has to break down the skeletal muscles to convert them into energy. Therefore, the first meal should be healthy and does not need to expend a lot of energy to digest.

Even though sweet foods are recommended for the first meal of breaking the fast, it does not mean that you can consume as much as possible. If it is too much, you can be at risk of obesity and diabetes mellitus. Just eat it in moderation to restore your blood sugar levels.

So, it is clear that breaking the fast with cigarettes is not the right choice. You can choose a variety of healthy food menus that you can eat to break your fast.

The perfect moment to quit smoking

Have strong will and determination
Without it, quitting smoking can be very difficult. The intention is the same as the desire to worship. Remember, maintaining health is also recommended in religion. So, take advantage of this holy month to become a better person without having to smoke.

Get busy
Too many activities will distract you from smoking. During the month of Ramadan, you can multiply positive activities. For example, friends or routine exercise after breaking the fast.

The escape right view of your cigarettes
Try to keep your eyes out of the cigarette. Avoid places where there are a lot of smokers, stay away from smoking areas, go "off" to hang out with friends who smoke, or you can spend more time in locations with no smoking signs.

Find support
Tell or involve the people closest to you about wanting to quit smoking. That way, you can get support so that your struggle feels lighter.

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