What are the most appropriate prescription glasses for you?

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When buying round prescription glasses we are presented with a series of options that are often unknown and complicate our decision. The round eyeglasses is composed of the frame and glass which, in its correct setting, with well adapted to face frames, allow compensation of refractive errors and the eyesight issues. It is important that at the time of acquiring prescription lenses we take into account some characteristics that will make us acquire the best option for our ocular needs. So, whether you are young or old, the optometrist can advise to solve visual problems, prescribing and facilitating the right solution for each case.
Glasses for people:
For most people who wear eyeglasses, the most important aspect is what they look like when they are put on. Here are a few tips to help you choose your ideal eyeglass according to your skin colour, hair, eyes and the shape of your face. You can choose and combine models of glasses, colour, brand mounts, and even the glasses that adapt best according to your face type. There are many glasses like the retro glasses, sports glasses, and modern sunglasses etc, but the most common and the trendy ones are the round eyeglass frames. Choose and discover the perfect glasses for you that suit you and our face type!
Round glasses
Do you already know what the most sought-after accessory by fashion insiders is this season? We give you three clues: they are round, retro-inspired and super-flattering. We talk about the round glasses, the new complement of desire that will put the finishing touch to your look this season. The new rounds glasses from exclusive collections will make you travel until the 60s, where boho style, fringes and crochet triumph in fashion. Both sun and graduated, these sunglasses are renewed to adapt to new colours and materials. You can choose your pasta or metal frame (gold or silver) or choose between all the colours of the season: electric blue, red, black.
Find your round glasses for men or women in our optics and graduate your vision to choose the mono-focal or progressive crystals you need with the possibility of choosing polarized or photo-chromic lenses! Now, take care of your visual health and go fashion is not at odds. Come to our opticians and get the fashion accessory: the most wanted round eyeglass frames.
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