Even Geeks Need Vacation: Fiji Paradise

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There's an answer for the pale complexion, tired eyes and burn-out of geek life. A holiday in Fiji offers sun, sights and stimulation for body and mind -- from boat tours, scuba diving, beach walks, nature excursions, cultural explorations and nightlife to appeal to all ages, Fiji's paradise satisfies the need for an exotic and relaxing getaway.
For people who travel often and those who are overdue for a holiday, Fiji offers the connection with nature and with other people that make a holiday memorable. The scenic islands with white-sand beaches, the picture-perfect blue water, lush tropical plants and variety of wildlife create a dynamic holiday adventure.
Fiji Facts 
Fiji is made up of more than 300 islands. The largest islands were formed from volcanic activity and feature rugged geography with interior highlands. Fiji served as the trade centre of the South Pacific in the 19th century. The clear waters make Fiji a desirable location for snorkelling. Coral reefs provide homes for colourful undersea life. Fiji's undersea terrain is home to many kinds of coral and fish, including sea fans, hard coral gardens, anemone fish, banner butterfly fish, anemone fish and parrot fish. On land, many species of brilliantly-coloured birds make bird watching inspiring activities, and visitors can watch for iguanas and peaceful fruit bats.
Fiji Crafts 
Its rich culture and variety of creative arts makes Fiji a stimulating destination for travellers who appreciate art and skilfully handcrafted items. Some traditional crafts continue to be produced throughout Fiji. Wood carving also keeps alive traditional motifs and varies by region and cultural influence. Tongan style wood carvings often have inlays of shell or bone. Masi, bark cloth, originally had ceremonial uses and now is primarily used for tourist items including wall hangings and post cards. Woven mats serve functional and aesthetic purposes in homes, and basket making is another traditional handcraft that continues to flourish in Fiji, supplying practical and decorative items.
Fiji Arts and Entertainment 
Dance, music and theatre performances offer lively entertainment with the feel of the islands. Viti Levu serves as the centre of the local textile and fashion industry. Clothing ranges from the bright, flowing costumes worn in dance performances to contemporary styles with a wide appeal for women and men. Painting and photography, more recent arts, now thrive in Fiji. Pottery remains a strong creative form in these islands, extending from centuries-old traditions passed from generation to generation. Certain styles of pottery displays detailed raised decorations, making it a distinctive gift to take home from a holiday in Fiji.
Fiji Holiday Tips 
Levuka, former capital of Fiji and European trader settlement gives a feel for Fiji's history. Several of the buildings date from the 19th century, and the town gives the feel of stepping back in time to the Colonial era. Navala, a village in the highlands of Viti Levu offers excellent examples of traditional local architecture. The Nausori Highlands and Koroyanitu National Heritage Park in Viti Levu make attractive excursions for those who enjoy trekking -- and often require donning a jumper against the cooler temperatures.
This paradise allows travellers to become immersed in rich ecosystems, photograph stunning examples of flora and fauna learn about the variety of cultures of the people who inhabit Fiji, explore the history of this remarkable nexus of trade, and bask in the sun. Booking Fiji holiday specials offers the opportunity to take a special getaway. To get the best deal, check flights to Fiji price and book in advance. The day of the week and time of year can affect the price of a holiday in Fiji.
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