Web hosting and the VPS: what is it?

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A web hosting is a service where a provider rents you a server connected to the Internet and where you can host all kinds of files that can be accessed via the Internet.  This would be similar to copying these files in a local folder of your computer, but with the difference that in this case that folder is on the provider's server and its content is, therefore, visible on the Internet (as long as you allow be visible). The most typical use of a hosting is to create a website (which, in reality, is nothing more than a set of HTML files that are web pages), but you can also use your hosting simply to allow the download of any other thing (PDF documents, MP3 audio files, video, etc.)
Web hosting is a very important thing that, apart from the basic services of files hosting, a hosting service includes other services with a lot of added value, the fact is that the traditional shared hosting is less like private virtual servers or VPS. A VPS hosting service provides a secure and flexible virtual hosting environment with a fairly simple concept; a single server is divided into well-defined units that function as if they were independent. There are many reasons why those who prefer VPS over traditional web hosting, here are some of its advantages.
  • Do not share resources: With a shared hosting, the resources of the same server are shared with many other users, which basically restrict their control over the server. This is not the case of VPS and when you have total control over the server you can control and customize it according to your needs.
  • Reliability: A hosting based on a virtual private server provides a hosting environment where the services of an account are not affected by those of the other accounts or clients. This ensures that the server speed is not affected and that it provides a reliable hosting solution.
  • Compatibility: With a shared hosting you could face compatibility problems with the scripts you are going to install, while in the case of a virtual private server you can install your own software, which ensures that you will not encounter any compatibility problems.
  • Security: Shared hosting is more vulnerable to different types of vulnerabilities because a single server is shared by many users. This simply means that your files could be accessed by other users on the same server and therefore your data will always be exposed to a high risk.
  • Flexibility: Most shared hosting facilities are restricted and only the tools that the provider offers must be used. With a VPS hosting, you can install any type of operating system, as well as an application, which provides complete freedom and flexibility.
If you are looking for reliability and efficiency in your hosting, then a VPS service may be the best option, of course, these services are focused on providing a very good cost-benefit ratio, so it does not necessarily require high budgets for its use.

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