How to Start Changing Someone's Point of View

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We are always told not to make hasty decisions but always put ourselves in others' shoes and come to understand their point of view and talk accordingly. The modern question now arises: Is it at all possible to change someone's point of view? Read on to find out.
Here are a few schemes:
1) Give examples from real life
For instance, your spouse is heavily addicted to drinking beverages. You know someone who is hospitalized and in a critical condition for having too much of drinks per day. You take your hubby coaxingly to the hospital and give him an example of what you have been saying about his addiction. Most probably your hubby's mind will shift and he will start to take the required measures.
If he is not convinced already, take him to an alcoholic healing center and show him how people there, having been addicted to drinking, are having a hard time to recuperate. Gradually he will reduce his beverages intake and become a healthy and spirited human being.
2) Be an example yourself
Many people have the notion that girls are less than boys. While girls are naturally weaker in strength, they have the heart of a king. They can do anything they put their mind to and lead others by example. Why don't you be an example and show your fellow mates what quality, talent and caliber you possess? Express these openly to some extent so that the overall impression they have of you shifts to some extent as well.
3) Provide Evidence
You are a quiet and shy person. But you score high grades in class. Naturally classmates who thought you were lousy and lunatic flock around you to get some valuable tips. You are suddenly in the spotlight just because you gave your class some living proof of your virtues. As a result, your classmates realize that their initial thoughts about you were wrong.
4) Mix and spend a lot of time in it
You have a crush on somebody but you are unable to convince him to go on a date. He is kind of a nerd but you badly want to be friends with him. Give him small gifts and flowers. Cut jokes with him and prove to him you are a good company for him and that you are great for him. Don't try your luck too hard nor push him forcibly into action. Go slow and he will be convinced.
These are some the great ways to gradually start changing someone's perspective and, on the contrary, to start making the other person idolize you, thinking the world about you and agreeing with your opinions earnestly. It is only a matter of a little mind shift that you need to initiate in the other person(s) and you will bounce in joy when everything turns successfully your way.

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