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Are you planning to buy the nerdy glasses frame too? Do you want to look cool, and then buy the nerdy glasses frame, as they are in fashion? The geek-style pasta glasses, also known as nerd glasses, are glasses that mimic the aesthetics of what in the Anglo-Saxon language is known as a nerd. What is a nerd? The term comes to mean something like nerd or geek. The nerd aesthetic is related to that of those computer pioneers of the 70s and 80s. The image of the nerd is that of a nerd, an intelligent person with great knowledge but few social skills.
Nowadays, aesthetics is related to both the stereotype of computer enthusiasts, comics and video games, the classic geeks, and the stereotype of modern people who move in alternative cultural circles, the so-called hipsters. Nowadays nerd glasses have, aesthetically, a claim component. With them, one does not try to disguise or hide a visual defect. Those big glasses seem to say: I'm short-sighted, so what? The glasses are simple in their forms but marked in their character. They convey a feeling of confidence in oneself.
The nerds are no longer those unpopular and marginalized boys of the school to seize passers-by and dressers with their familiar style, at least in appearance. Far away were those days in which it sought to differentiate completely from them under pain of gaining social repudiation, today much of the fashion is inspired by clothing and accessories that recall its stereotyped image. The style known as hipster is inspired by the most diverse trends, combining the hippie with the rocker, the sport, the nerd and the geek, which has made everything confused and there are serious difficulties in differentiating them.
Although the nerd glasses are especially thick, you have to be careful with the size of the frame. The nerdy glasses can be much larger than the face can be a bit excessive. It is advisable to try different types of nerd glasses frames before deciding on some. The online optics offer facilities when trying different frames by means of their virtual frameset tester systems. Through these systems, you can buy nerdy glasses and test glasses simply by using a digital photo or by activating the webcam. In this way, you can see what type of nerd glasses is best suited for each type of face.  here is the link 

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