Unique Ways of Decorating Oak Kitchen Cabinets for a Modern Look

Oak kitchen cabinets were popular in the 1980s and ‘90s. This popularity is still maintained amongst some homeowners who want to have traditional kitchens in their homes. Did you know that you can modernize your oak kitchen cabinets and make them look contemporary? Well, with a few tips and tricks, oak kitchen cabinets can be transformed into modern kitchen areas.
How to create a modern kitchen?
Here are some of the tips you should follow:
1.     Create a focal point
The large stretches of oak cabinets are so distinct and can influence the design of your kitchen. You will need to minimize the appearance of these large stretches by creating a different focal point. Depending on your budget, you can create different types of kitchen islands that will draw the attention away from the oak cabinets.
2.     Cool down oak cabinets
The orange color of oak kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen appear outdated. This means that you must tone down the color to make it modern. One of the best ways is to use refreshing colors for other kitchen areas. Such colors include blue, gray, and green.
3.     Accessorize oak cabinetry
You need to decorate your oak kitchen cabinets for them to have a modern look. Think about colored glass vases or decorative plates that you can add to your oak cabinets. Adding more light in the kitchen is also an excellent way of creating an amazing ambiance in the kitchen that contributes to the modern appearance of the kitchen.
4.     Mix wood tones
Another way that you can use to modernize your oak kitchen cabinets is by mixing wood tones. There is no rule that prohibits you from attempting to use wood tones that do not match. It is a modern kitchen trend to ignore the matching wood tones and focus on combining wood tones that have an amazing effect.
5.     Paint oak cabinets
Another excellent way of modernizing your oak kitchen cabinets is painting them. You can paint the cabinets to an appealing shade that will bring out the modern look. If you are unsure, you can start with neutral colors such as cream white, black, or gray.
Adding new hardware after painting will make the kitchen even better-looking.  
Most of these amazing tips do not require you to stretch your budget but guarantee you modern oak kitchen cabinets in your home.

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