Is your child ready for the very first adult Scott mountain bike?

The elementary stage of cycling is over and now it’s time to look for the latest Scott mountain bikes available on the market. Your child is grown enough to ride a bike for adults such as a Scott Spark, Scott Genius or other Scott Bikes. Now the question is; is it the right time to switch to Scott mountain bikes? Are cycling skills advanced enough to sell your kid’s single speed bike and buy a new mountain bike?

This transition is going to be a little tricky. So far, your child has been using hands to control the bike and apply brakes. While riding a mountain bike, your grown up will have to use hands to switch gears as well.

Let’s see the benefits of riding a multi speed bike first and then see whether your child should wait or go for Scott mountain bikes.

Advantages of a Multi-Speed Bike?
We all start with a single speed bike. A single speed bike is simple and allows to focus on pedaling and steering. There is no complexity of changing gears. However, as our abilities progress, we all want to ride uphill and downhill. The single speed bike is not going to work there. It’s time to add some complexities that can promote coordination. Ability to switch gears allows the young cyclist to climb and navigate roads at higher speeds without any difficulty. Riding multi speed bike is a great experience.   

Switching to Scott mountain bikes
If all basics of cycling including balancing, steering and pedaling are clear, you should buy one of the Scott mountain bikes available on the market. You can also buy one online if you are looking for the best deals.  

The first multi speed should be a 10-speed bike. Once your grown-up has mastered multi speed cycling skills, your child can switch to a 21 speed bike.

We all had different cycling abilities when we were a child. The decision should be based on the growth, not on the age. Height is the most important factor that will influence this decision. If your 15 years old child is tall enough, you can buy one of the adult Scott mountain bikes. Start with a bike having fewer gears.

When you are buying the very first adult mountain bike for your child, make sure that it fits just right for your child.

You can take your child to a local store to test out some Scott mountain bikes. Make sure that the frame of the bike is according to the height of your child. A comfortable position is extremely important. Wrong saddle adjustment can cause knee pain. This happens when the saddle is too high or too low.

And, brand matters when you are choosing the very first mountain bike for your child. 6-speed to 10-speed entry level bikes are just like adult bikes. These Scott mountain bikes have thicker tires and suspension system for the balance the young cyclist need to get used to adult multi speed bikes.

Let your kid learn about and follow safety guidelines while riding the first mountain bike. Look for some online store selling Scott mountain bikes and order one for the young cyclist now.  

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